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Our Vacations

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We love to travel but every year we always find time to Vacation on Ocracoke Island North Carolina .

Threw these pages we will take you along with us as we visit other locations as well as the Outer Banks of North Carolina .

The light house across Silver Lake

The weather can change fast

Sea Robin
One of the many kinds of fish found there

Feeding the birds

Aint we cute

I love this picture of my wife
As much as I love her


We like to go to an island off the North Carolina coast called Ocracoke. It is part of the Outer Banks . Many people have herd of Cape Hatteras , Ocracoke is the next Island down. Access only by ferry .

It has been listed as one of Americas top ten beaches , although the best beaches are only accessed by 4 wheel drive . So that might be a turn off to many people however the ones that like it that will only make it better. However since the introduction to SUV's there hass been quite an increase to the tourist industry there.

There is not a lot to do here but relax and fish. The island was once the hiding place for Black Beard the pirate, it also was the only entry to the sound at one time so it was a pilot town too. It also played a roll in WW 2 believe it or not ,so you can see that it is full of history , later it became a steeply fishing village and these days it's mostly a tourist stop and sport fishing village. Commercial fishing is still done but it not as big a business as tourism is.

South Point on Ocracoke
The best sun set in the word are seen here



Aren't we a happy couple


The picture above is Sharon at South Point or favorite place on the Island, it is the inlet so it is where the sound meets the ocean , also the best place to fish.

nothing like a sun set at Jollys

Nothing like a great sunset and a good beer at Jolly Rodgers Cafe on Silver Lake . the best place to eat and watch the sun go down

This is the community dock
At one time the meeting place for every one

This isn't on Ocracoke but Va beach
Thought it was funny just had to add it


Another South point sun set

sound side can be just as beautiful as the ocean


Ocracoke was Black beard's hiding place
Here is Alli and the guy that plays Black Beard and Ann Bonny also a well known pirate

Click on the picture and you can learn more about Ann Bonny

This is Howard Street
This street is just as it was 200 years ago

You can click on this picture to learn more about Black Beard

Alli at beginning of Howard Street

Hatteras ferry
one of the 3 ways to get to Ocracoke


Sun set at South Point. this is an older picture at this point in time the birds own this place . limited access the last few years because of the birds and turtles unfortunately for Us, it usually open when the birds have had their chicks and fly away late August.

this is why people are up in arms to fight this we use to share the beach with them but now the autobahn society has over ruled the human aspect of enjoying nature at it's best.

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We have been to Canada , Philadelphia , the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Our favorite place is a small island just below Cape Hatteras called Ocracoke. we live in the mountains of Virginia , Which is beautiful it self especially in the fall .