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Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Discover the island where one of the world's most famous pirates was captured.

This island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina sits in middle of what was in the 1700s a busy thruway for large trade vessels carrying goods from all over the world. Naturally, with all this booty to be had, the place was swarming with pirates, too. Legendary pirate Edward Teach--a.k.a. Blackbeard--moored at Ocracoke before accepting a pardon and promising to quit the plundering life. But within weeks, he was back at it, so the Virginia governor gave the order for Blackbeard's capture, which happened on Ocracoke in 1718.


Dr Beach rated Ocracoke as the best beach in America, we are proud that it was and am glad it finally reach number one as it will no longer be on the list and maybe the day trippers will stop coming, , They clog up the ferries cause congestion in town turn around and head back with out even stopping, they expect to see board walks and amusements, that isn't what Ocracoke is like so don't expect it actually the best beaches here are accessed only by 4 wheel drive and a dune line along the road will block the ocean from you see don't expect to see much of that unless you stop and go over the dunes .

We like keeping Oracoke a secret and if you should fall in love with it you will know why . Unfortunately taxes and development have made it hard to keep a house here if you are a local as it is slowly becoming a rich mans paradise.


I personally think that Ocracoke has been misunderstood as the most beautiful beach in the USA

Ocracoke is mostly an uninhabited island with a small town at one end it is owned mostly by the National Park Service and no development is allow except with in the town limits there are no homes or development at all on the Ocean beaches here , just on the sound side and around Silver Lake the Harbor that the town is built around Over the years I run into people looking for the board walk and amusements ect but you will not find it here what you will find are natural beaches unencumbered by development.

The only other beaches in the US like these are not accessible so that is why Ocracoke is so special to those that love it. You will find tranquil beaches in their natural state , not groomed by tractors every morning expect to see sea weed on the beaches occasional dead fish or turtles don't expect to see any one cleaning up after you as some do, but there are some that don't know that .so yes there is some trash around but thanks to the many that care this is minimal. There is only one life guarded beach north of town and that isn't very wide as it fills up fast in the summer months, The best beaches are accessed by 4 wheel drive , too many people think it is Daytona and you can drive anything on it but that isn't going to happen they just get stuck coming off the ramp and make it hard for every one to get around,

Please come to visit Oracoke and enjoy the serenity but don't expect to be waited on by any one except a wait person in a restaurant. We are on Island Time here , You will either love it or Hate it

I have loved it for years




Ocracoke is an old fishing village once was a pilot town to but it’s best claim to fame is Black Beard the Pirate

Check the link page for  black beard sites


If you plan a day trip to Ocracoke plan on getting on the ferry from Hatteras ( Free ) before 10 am and don’t stay too late as the ferry gets busy during mid day going and late day coming back. The fall and winter months is a bit different but the ferry doesn’t run as much so you need to plan ahead as to when you want to get to the ferry. Call (1 800 by ferry )to get the times during the off season . But during the summer months it runs every 15 minutes.

Doesnt get any better then this

Many people come to Ocracoke drive threw and turn around and drive back. This brings a lot of traffic to Ocracoke so during the day don’t expect to get threw town at any great pace. There is a rumor that they are going to get a trolley system for visitors, which would be great . Now if some one will get a hi speed boat ride from Hatteras to the town docks  that would solve all the traffic problems.

Ocracoke has turned into a T shirt island I have herd but if you know the history and enjoy its quaintness you can look beyond that . It is a very peaceful place where every one is on Island Time. Come to relax and stay for a while.

You will find some great restaurants and night life too. As most places to stay are with in walking distance of the night life. It is an easy walk home.





The Island is only 14 miles long and the town itself is at the southern end. Once you get off the Hatteras Ferry you will have to drive 13 miles to the town. So you can see the town isn’t very big but it is full of charm.

This is Howard Street
The oldes street on Ocracoke ,hasn't changed in 200 yrs


To really enjoy Ocracoke you need to get out of you car an get on a bike . Stop by the historical museum at the visitors center at the Cedar island ferry docks. There are places to rent bikes if you don’t bring your own.

Finding bait is as much fun as fishing


I always find fishing better on Ocracoke but you never know. I did well there this year 2005 but not so good on Hatteras but in years past it was the other way around. Fishing is being in the right place at the right time . I’m not too good at calling that some years. But there have been good times



You will find no fast food here or 7-11 don’t expect any thing to get done in a hurry ,one gas station two food stores and lots of restaurants . But the beauty of the beaches is what it is all about

Remember leave only tracks on the beach

Fall fishing can be rewarding

You never know what you will catch
My wife Sharon with a nice Shark






The best Beaches are only accessed by 4 wheel drive , there are some spectacular sun set seen from South Point as this one here,

South Point is the favorit place most evey one  it is wide and very open fishing of all kind is had here you can fish for Flounder on the back side or Drum in the inlet or blue fish on the ocean side . I have also found  sharks, rays, skate,cobia, and just about any bottom fish like spot, blow toads, sea mullet, lizerd fish. You name it they have been cought here.

Our mixed family
They all get along great together

You can click on this picture and it will take you to another site of mine also of Ocracoke and other places we have been





Remember leave only tracks on the beach


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