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Now mosquitoes are not the only varmints, there is the green head fly s that will bite and draw blood. they hurt but once they bite they don't usually itch. there is the noseeums too they bite but you never feel them and all of a sudden you got something like a skeeters bite but don't know where they come from. You never see them hence the name noseeums.

All can be repelled by repellant. If your camping be sure that you bring it with you to your shower and spray down before returning to you site they will wait for you if you don't


 Yes there are mosquitoes down there and some times they are bad , but not so bad that they will ruin your vacation. It all depends on the weather . If there is no wind and the weather has been wet then you can expect them but if the wind picks up they can't fly and you will not see them . Most of the time the wind blows especially on the beach. The summer months of course are the worst time and evenings seem to be the best time after the wind dies down. Use of a good deet repellant will help I have herd of a few new ones out there now too. I personally like musk oil, not easy to find but it works well if you can get it.

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Remember leave only tracks on the beach


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