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OBX for newcomers

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Hi I’m Rick I post on a lot of the message boards on the Outer Banks and so many of the questions are so repetitive I decided to make this site to answered all the easy questions. I hope I can help you enjoy the Outer Banks.

I started this as a fishing help page but over time I saw that there were many other questions that I could answer so it expanded and will keep expanding as I see the need. I know the first time I went down I had no idea as to what to expect . So you can look at the menu bar at the top and click on the subject that most interest you..



There are Deer here too
This one was seen at the ramp to cape point.




You are in for a treat. If you have never been here there is one rule, never let the sand get between your toes. You will never want to leave.

The Outer Banks is full of history and a great place to just relax and take in the sun.

A great place to fish, surf, or just enjoy the ocean or sound. If you like calmer waters the sound is for you however just over the dune you will find the Ocean .

You will find boat rentals here as well as charter boats of all kinds. If you forget to bring some thing with you there are places that rent every thing too. So come relax and enjoy your stay.






Remember leave only tracks on the beach


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