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Getting there from the north.

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I live in the mountains of Va near Skyline drive . I have explored every way that I can to get to the beach some good some a bit slower an some fun. Ill give you all the ways I know of and have tried to help you make a decision on what will work for you. Most of the different way are off of I 95 in Va. Ill also give you an alternate if your coming down I 81 from Pa., N.Y. or Canada.


The standard way is 95 to 295 on to 64 east to 664 and follow the signs to Nags Head . The problem with this way is traffic. once you get around Williamsburg and Bush Gardens in the summer time and on week ends you will most likely hit traffic. If there is a wreck you Are in it and you can take an alternate RT. 60 to help you get around it and you can re-enter 64 when you feel like you have got around the mess. 60 runs parallel to 64 .Stay on 64 to 664 to 168 south onto the toll road and into N.C. on 158. This is all well marked.

In the summer time any one going to the shore goes this way and you can guarantee traffic will be heavy. How ever in the spring, winter or fall this is usually a good way to go just avoid the Tidewater area during rush hour.


This is the alternate that I take in the summer. I seldom run into any heavy traffic until I get to 664. If you go this way be sure not to speed there is radar every ware and they love to catch out of towners

I take 95 to Petersburg and take 460 to the tide water area.Once in Suffolk you will need to take 460/58 towards Va. beach. This will be the first over pass to come to and its well marked. There is a big truck stop on the left just before the over pass you can look for.
It is a bit slower because the speed limit is 55 most of the way except threw the small town and you will want to watch your speed there. However if you go this way and there is a traffic tie ups on 64 then you are ahead of the game. It will end up faster, but all in all it is much more relaxing way. Then of course 664 to 168 south onto the toll road and into N.C. on 158. This is all well marked.

Now if you are coming from the west on 64 there is a new bypass around Richmond that saves a half hour of travel. RT 288 it is freeway no lights or other slow ups and will put you on 95 just below Richmond .



I have tried 95 to Rocky Mount N.C. taking N.C. 64 east. This will be a good way to go once they finish 64 from Williamston on down . But for now I would go threw the tide water area of Va. It is about 60 miles longer this way but time wise it is just as fast because of the speed limits on 95 and 64 . 70 mph is posted limit, but you know every one does more. But as I said once N.C. 64 is finished I will try this way again but I don t see that happening soon..



These are the basic ways of going from Northern Va. I have one other way I like to go when I have the time or if I spend the night in Va. Beach. This is a fun way and very scenic too.


Out of Va. Beach take General Booth Blv. to Queen Ann Blv. and watch for signs pointing towards Knots Island N.C. Look for the ferry signs and follow them . There is a ferry that leaves out of Knots Island every 2 hours to Currytuck. It takes some planning to go this way but if your in no hurry or would like to see some beautiful mash lands this is a fun way to go especially for the kids who will like the ferry ride. This is also the school bus for children of Knots Island. Call 1 800 byferry to get times of the ferry. Its a nice way to go and a good break in the long drive. I have never found the ferry crowded as a matter of fact once I was the only one on it one morning.


Now coming from Pa or points north by way of I 81. The normal way would be 81 to 64 or 81 to 17 to 95 which are all good ways. Again if you are not in a hurry and would like to see the Va. country side, rolling hills and farm land here is an alternate way off of 81. You can take 66 to the first exit which is Front Royal. Get on 522 south. This will take you all the way to 64 west of Richmond. You will have to negotiate the towns of Front Royal and Culpepper as the route will meander its way threw these towns. However this way is also very relaxing . If you get tired of this way once you get to Culpepper you can stay on Rt. 3 on down to 95. Also a good road.


I dont recommend this way but if you got time to kill and want to see the Va. country along the rivers. take 17 out of Fredericksburg . Most of the going is smooth but there are a lot of small town and lights and I really wouldnt suggest it as it is very slow, but the traffic is almost non existence until you get to the tide water area, and you have to get back onto 64 east to 664


Here is another if you are coming from Pa. With pictures. this one is cool again click here





Remember leave only tracks on the beach


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