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OBX for newcomers

Things to see or do

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Well of course there is the beach. In the northern beaches there is public access places to enter the beach between the homes however the farther south you go the fewer homes and nicer beaches. The park has many places for you to access the beaches , they are called walk overs. Your not suppose to walk on the dunes so they provide these places with walk ways for you to access the beach. There are also 4 wheel drive ramps to access the beach to . So keep in mind that some areas there is vehicle traffic . Although you are not suppose to drive faster then 25 miles an hour there is an occasional fool that does not adhere to that. so beware. However most guarded beaches there is no vehicle traffic. I mention guarded beaches . All of them are not so if your not a good swimmer of familiar with the ocean you should look for the guarded beaches.



Ft Raleigh festival park
A fun place for historians and kids as well

If you a Monster truck fan
Grave diggers place is just north of the beach in Currytuck


There is also many places to rent kayaks wind surfers and all the other new kinds of wind surfing gear as well as jet skis and small boats for fishing. How ever jet skis have some strict regulations on them and I am sure the rental agent will fill you in on them. Fishing gear is also available for rental as well as any gear you might need to help you enjoy the beach and make your stay fun.






Hoarse back riding

From time to time I here people ask about hoarse back riding on the Outer Banks, This is the only one I am familiar with . We tried to call them when were there in the summer of 04 but there was no answer , So I cant tell you much about them however here is their web site if you try them let me know how it went. Just click on this paragraph it will take you there


The mosquito's can be legendary when there is no wind blowing especially on the sound side. A good repellant is a must. Every one says that the higher the deet content the better, I also find that there is some that have musk oil in them works very well too. There are also the legendary green head fly, they will bite you and bring blood. Repel for them too they hurt.


Of course don't forget the sun block. Mid summer can make you look like a lobster in no time. If your sensitive to sun plan you beach trips for early morning or late afternoon when it is not so intense.


One thing also to keep in mind at the beach. There are sharks here and have been know to attack. However they seldom do before the sun goes down. So beware if you want to go swimming after dark its not a good idea.

This was not taken on the Outer Banks
But it gets your attention dosn't it

Morning ferry to Ocracoke



Stuff to see

Light house's

There are light houses up and down the beach but the only ones you can climb are the Currytuck and Cape Hatteras and there is a fee for both.

Roanoke Island

Roanoke Island Has many attractions it is just across the causeway from Nags Head. Follow the signs to Manteo on 158


This is my favorite spot it is a place you will love or hate. There isnt a lot there in the way of amusement but it is rich in history . It was the home of Black Beard the pirate and has a long history of folk lore that will keep you coming back for more if your into that kind of stuff. There is one public guarded beach and several walk overs. I have been told there is a nude beach there too although it is illegal to do so.

Ocracoke is only 14 miles long and only accessed by ferry. You can get a free ferry from Hatteras but in the summer months you might have to wait an hour or more to get on one. Best bet is to go before 10 am. After then it starts to get crowded. Once in the village your best transportation is bicycle. You can rent them there with tag along trailers for kids of all sizes. One thing to remember is once in the village the speed limit is 25 mph. Since there is very little crime there the law is usually sitting close to the entrance to make sure you not doing any thing over it so beware. But this is also good because of all bicycles .

Grave Yard Of The Atlantic Museum

This is located at the ferry docks in Hatteras Village. I have yet to go there, it is still under construction and the hours are limited so check on times before you go. Not sure of a fee but there wasnt last time I checked.

Wright Brothers memorial in Kitty Hawk

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge South of Nags Head

Jockey's Ridge State Park in Kitty hawk

Charter Boat and Surf Fishing Up and down the beach

Surfing and wind surfing in many locations

Pirate history especially Black Beard.









Remember leave only tracks on the beach


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