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OBX for newcomers


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Camping from a tenters point of view

This is frisco Woods. Lots of trees
The only camp ground I have found with trees

I have camped all up and down the beach I am a Tent camper. I'll give you What I think of most of the places I have stayed.

The NPS camp grounds are all nice but you have no hook ups of any kind. and cold showers. That's OK in the summer but when its cool I prefer a warm shower. I find them all open and very little privacy between sites, it is like camping in a field. If you have a pop up or motor home they might be tolerable ,but they are not my cup of tea.

Cape woods in Frisco is nice but centrally located so no water access except for there own lake. Hatteras Sands is a nice location but in my opinion is a good place if you a trailer camper or motor home. also no water access.

There are two on Ocracoke, neither I find accommodating to tents, But if you just need a place to stay they will do. My vote would be for Teeters, they do have some trees, but in the event of rain I saw very little drainage , so expect to see some water in your tent.

However for a motor home or trailer they can be very accommodating. The NPS camp ground on Ocracoke is a ways out of town, as opposed to the others that are in town.

There is one in Kitty Hawk I have never tried but it looks good called Adventure Bound Campground its off the beach and a bit wooded from what I can tell, it is tents only and the only camp ground that will allow camp fires.. If any one stays there send me a review I'm going to try to stop by there this year to check it out, More later on that

Trees make in easy to tie off to
in the event of thunder storms

Always choose an area on hi ground or good drainage. Summer thunder storms can come up fast. A good tarp and plenty of bungee cords will make life better in case of rain. Better safe then sorry. Be sure to hang your tarps so that water runs off and not collecting water. They will collaps on you if too much water is trapped.

My favorite is Frisco Woods . They are on the sound side and very wooded. They have all kinds of sites from primitive water front sites to full hook ups and also camping cabins, with air conditioning .The camp ground is located on the sound side . There are many water front sites of all kinds with or with out hook ups. Some RV sites too but no sewage hook ups for them . Although there are some site that do have sewage hook ups. I use to camp in the wooded sites, they offer protection from summer storms and you can tie off to the trees to keep your tent from blowing over, But of the last few years I find the air-conditioned cabins to be more for my likening The bath rooms are usually well kept but on a busy holiday week end they can get crowded, That's when I wait until late night to go just bring bug spray with you when you get out of the shower. However they are my first choice to a camp ground. They are also well located close to Cape Point ,Hatteras inlet and to Ocracoke Ferry . Also very nice amenities. A well kept camp store with great coffee and only a few blocks away from a small grocery store too.


I tried the KOA in Rodanthe as well as Camp Hatteras next door and found them also with very little privacy, and again open and flat, however they have nice amenities, camp stores and location. They are ocean front and an easy walk to the beach. just over the dune. they have every thing from primitive to full hook up and can accommodate just about any thing.

There is another just down the road from them I found very nice, Ocean Waves camp ground. All hook ups and also on the ocean side so beach access is easy. They have really nice rates and amenities. The only problem I had with them as a ten camper is you can not tie off to any trees . Being a tent camper I like to tarp every thing and they have some treed sites to do this . They lost my business when they started this policy. Other then that I found it very nice, well kept, but the owners a little picky but tolerable.

There are a few other that are trailer camps and I have not stayed at them. But as you can see my vote would be for Frisco Woods for location as well as its amenities. Also I like the air conditioned cabins that I stayed in. I think now I am a cabin camper. Getting too old to sleep on the ground any more, and I like staying dry. Been threw many thunder storms down there in a tent, and a good roof and strong walls make life a bit better.

They can also be very accommodating for RV’s There are some nice water front sites for both RV’s and tents





Remember leave only tracks on the beach


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